Products and Services for the
Utilities Sector

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The complete range of heat
exchange solutions

The Serck Heat Exchange brand offers design, manufacture, service and repair capabilities for nuclear, conventional and renewable power generation, as well as the needs of the broader sector.

We recognise that delays and downtime are never an option and are proud that our use of the Unipart Way has given us a reputation for delivering the optimum solution on-time, every time.

Supply chain efficiency through digital solutions

We can support you in the drive to become more data focused and service-centric. We can enable you with full visibility of all of your materials across the country from one consolidated view.

Assets can then be optimally managed in each site, ensuring accurate stock data and accessible materials. You can have even more visibility and control by being able to track materials throughout the entire supply chain; from manufacturer to installation.

We have the solutions to your complex supply chain problems

With our innovative supply chain solutions, we can create truly bespoke, agile and effective solutions to provide your business with a clear competitive edge. At the heart of our business is the ability to design and manage complex supply chain solutions that encompass distribution, warehousing, end to end supply chain management and supply chain consultancy.

We can do all this because we encourage a culture of continuous improvement at all levels of our organisation, using the principles of The Unipart Way, to deliver differentiation and an enhanced end-user experience.

We can help you maximise the productivity of your Field Operations

Overcoming the challenge of engaging a disparate field-force is key to providing a fast response to outage and service problems. Our unique way of working, The Unipart Way, creates fully engaged field-operation teams that are empowered with the necessary skills and capability to deliver cost savings and improved outcomes for customers.

We have developed a support operation for the entire field engineer installation and maintenance services for the largest media companies in the UK. We can even provide replacement and consumable parts from our own Autoparts business and we support thousands of engineers, nationwide.

Sustainable, long-term improvement to your customers’ experience

We have a proven approach to transforming customer service operations and managing call centres. It involves engaging employees at all levels and equipping them with the methods they need to deliver enduring improvements to the end-to-end customer journey.

With The Unipart Way in action customer concerns are resolved at first point of contact; eliminating backlogs and dramatically reducing resolution times.

The end result? Delighted customers, supported by engaged employees providing consistently higher standards of service and value for money.

Maximise use of existing assets through Repair and Refurbishment

Implementation and sustainment of asset management practices are essential if companies are to provide better and cheaper services to customers, whilst at the same time satisfying shareholders and regulators.

Unipart, in its long association with the rail industry, has implemented several successful Asset Management programmes that have delivered significant improvement in the areas of financial, operational and regulatory performance, without any compromise in safety.