What to expect from UBIS

Understanding your enterprise information is critical. The Unipart Business Intelligence Solution (UBIS) makes it easy to visualise, absorb and act on data. It’s a cloud-based service stored on Unipart’s own secure, encrypted servers. By connecting your data sources and providing custom dashboards, it’s also simple and straightforward to use.

Straightforward to use

Your people won’t need any extra coding or development skills to view data or create their own dashboards.

Connects to a wide variety of data sources

Whether you pull in data from your ERP system, databases or spreadsheets, UBIS will process all your data on the fly.

Provides accurate data that transforms into actionable insight

After aggregating cleansed data in a single, centralised data warehouse, you can start creating better insights to inform business decisions.

Easy to create dashboards, charts and graphs with text and images

All information can be drawn into custom dashboards, with charts, graphs, text and images to highlight key insights.

Allows you to share information with colleagues

With teams working across multiple sites, UBIS makes it easier to share the latest insights for coordinated decision-making.

Intuitive system

Instead of a steep learning curve for off-the-shelf BI systems, UBIS provides simple, straightforward data visualisation tools.

Enables problem solving

Armed with real-world insights, users can actively make decisions ‘on the job’ to solve the kind of problems that usually cause delays.

Filter data to refine your analysis

Seeing the output from UBIS allows your users to understand the data and gain expertise in refining that data for clearer outcomes.