Dragonfly integrates forecasting, simulation and optimisation to build resilience into your supply chains

Data fuels critical activities across businesses, from cost reduction to risk mitigation. Most companies in supply chains understand this. Yet, too many companies are using inadequate tools to interpret their data. The entire process is slow, and isn’t viable for frequent use.

Unipart Dragonfly is a true digital solution – a set of three web applications that automate and streamline the process and helps increase the efficiency of supply chain operations.


Three key modules that interact seamlessly with each other:

1. Warehouse optimisation via inbound and outbound volume forecasting

2. Simulation of different scenarios so that you’re prepared for nearly every eventuality

3. Optimisation of product location, range, inventory and resources, so that you have a deep view into your operations

Advanced Machine Learning forecasting algorithms

Dragonfly is specially designed to deal with uncertainty. Accurate and interpretable forecasts are generated for a variety of data types. For instance, you can use Dragonfly to forecast future inventory demand or operations workloads.

High-performance process simulators

Dragonfly’s simulator understands and re-creates the behaviour of supply chain networks. You can create ‘what-if’ scenario testing, predict the impact of a decision or process change on your KPIs and identify opportunities.


Not only can you simulate processes, you can optimise them. Optimisation algorithms adjust your operations to enable the best possible outcome.

Using the process simulator to search through combinations to achieve your objectives, it finds the process parameters that produce the best KPIs.

For example, you can determine ideal inventory parameters for different supply chain networks.

Why ‘Dragonfly’?

A dragonfly can see nearly 360 degrees and process multiple images at once. It can hover in one position or move in any direction in response to input, and it can see what humans cannot.

In the world of agile, resilient supply chains, a product that can learn from multiple data sources, use machine learning to make better decisions, and provide the ability to respond to changes quickly delivers a competitive edge.

That’s the difference between success and failure.

That’s the benefit from UD Dragonfly.

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