What UDES could do for you

UDES has the flexibility to integrate with your existing ERP or operate as a standalone solution if that serves you better.

It is an agile system, especially when compared to traditional ERPs and warehouse management systems. UDES can refine your system and add nuances that other solutions just don’t have.

And UDES is underpinned by sophisticated, automated testing procedures and hosted on Unipart’s own cloud. This means we can write and deploy code quickly and cost-effectively.

Slide How we helped a prestigious car manufacturer improve inventory

UDES gives you more flexibility

UDES is easily customisable and integrates with third-party systems. This gives you total freedom to integrate UDES into your existing operations, tailoring it for your needs very quickly.
We developed UDES based on our own experience. Our Oxford distribution centre, for instance, is one of the world’s most demanding production environments. It’s here that we help to build high-performance supercars for a prestigious car manufacturer.
Compared to volume car manufacturers these operations are relatively small. Each vehicle is customised to the individual car buyer.
The operation needs to be extremely flexible to ensure the right parts are available, at exactly the right time, from the production facilities team 55 miles away.
We rapidly tailored UDES to meet our client’s immediate need to manage stock more accurately and shift from paper to digital processes.
After implementing UDES, inventory accuracy jumped to 99.8% — a massive improvement over the client’s previous system.


UDES provides benefits for almost any sector

A major provider in the UK’s health sector trusts the Unipart Digital Enterprise System to ensure vulnerable patients are never without the home deliveries they rely on.

Major utilities companies also depend on the system. Enterprise-grade ERP systems weren’t appropriate, as they were too time-consuming to customise, too expensive for a single site, and too complex to roll out quickly. A different approach was required, and UDES proved to be the right choice.

Shouldn’t you be considering UDES for your business?


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